June 9, 2017 Albright

3 Keys to Balancing Traditional and Digital Media

It can feel like a circus juggling act when trying to decide how to pick the right traditional and digital media options that work best for your business. From magazines and mail to websites and social media it gets crazy trying to figure out how to make the most impact with your advertising. Getting straight into it lets simplify things and here are the 3 factors in deciding how to balance marketing and advertising through traditional media and digital media.

1. Understand Your Market
As they say location, location location. What state is your business in? Go a step further and think about the city you’re in. The demographic make-up of where your business(es) is located is very important. This is a key factor in determining how traditional and digital media is needed to make an impact for your business. It is also helpful in looking toward the future to see where things might go. Look at the product or service that you provide and figure out where are high impact areas for you. In some areas TV, magazines, and social media is all they need. In other areas, you might need more social media than mail because you want to reach a mobile audience.

2. Know Where Your Target Is
The key here is where does your customer get their information? There’s a lot of information saying everyone is moving to mobile or cutting the cable cord but, you must look at what works for your business. In some markets, its more effective to be on TV at prime times because that’s where their customer gets information or for others they know their customer is usually on their phone so they are trying to meet their customer there with social media and mobile ad placement on websites. To make sure your customer sees your ad you have determine which promotions are important to promote on traditional and digital and which promotions only need one platform.

3. Be Consistent
Customers become loyal to companies that provide a quality product. If you give the customer an expectation of consistent ads they will know when and where to expect new information from you. When customers are trying to find you, they don’t want to find nothing or an inactive page. Think about how both can help each other. If you have a promotion on tv make sure it’s on social as well. Digital can sometimes be more affordable than traditional so it’s not the area where you want to go “on and off”. Also, customers expect you to be a more social on digital and interact with them. If customer know they can get quality information and a quick answer about your business from digital they will seek you out on those channels.

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