The Basics: Influencer Marketing

Though not a brand-new concept, Influencer Marketing is crucial to success in today’s world. Influencer Marketing is focused on using opinion leaders to gain recognition for your brand and to drive your message to a larger market.

Perhaps the most obvious use of Influencer Marketing is celebrity endorsements. For years, companies have been using stars to give their brand a face and a personality. By doing this, customers associate your brand with your influencer.

Because influencers have so much of an impact on customers, it is important to choose the right type of influencer. Most influencers specialize in one category or topic such as technology, food, makeup, clothing, etc. To find the right influencer for your brand, you must find someone who typically promotes things relevant to your products and your audience.

It is also important to connect with your influencer. While you could just send them a product and a list of key points, it helps to create a story. By establishing a good relationship with your influencer, you are more likely to get solid, trustworthy reviews that will help your business grow and bring new customers into your brand.

The Life of an Intern


Ever wondered what it’s like to have an internship in Marketing and Advertising? Well we decide to remove the guessing game and have our very own intern, Rachel Zimmer, share her experiences! She’s been with us for over month and here is some of what she has already learn in a short few weeks. Look out for more of her journey as an Albright Ideas Intern!


It is difficult to lay out a typical day as an intern here at Albright Ideas because every day is so different! Some days I come in and help write and schedule social media posts and other days I come in and learn how to use new programs. No two days are alike, and that makes for a fun learning experience.

Over the past few weeks, I have been learning how to edit videos for YouTube. After watching tutorials, I jumped right in with some footage from clients and gave it a shot. To my surprise, I enjoyed myself immensely. I never pictured myself editing videos, but it is definitely a marketable skill and one that I would not have learned without this internship. I was able to start with a few raw clips and blend them into a cohesive video that was posted on YouTube just a few days later! I truly feel like I am accomplishing things and helping our clients meet their goals, and I think that’s one of the biggest perks of being in marketing and advertising.

3 Reasons Why Your Business is Losing Sales

It’s hard enough starting a business but you’ve been able to get over that hurdle.  You know your customers are out there but you’re wondering why they aren’t coming in like they used to. You’ve been able to keep them for some years but things just don’t feel the same. Well every business goes through ups and down and cash flow is always a factor but here are 3 reasons why your customers may have stopped coming.


You aren’t talking to your customers

In this digital and mobile age of communication you have to talk to your customers where they “hangout” on traditional platforms like TV, Print, radio and digital platforms like websites, Facebook, and Instagram. There’s still value in relationships and word of mouth, but providing something for customers to talk about once they get online or use their phone is key. With 95% of mobile users using their phone for local search it’s a good idea to make it easy for them to find you.


– Define your target audience and do some research on how often they engage with Traditional and Digital Media

– ask your customers what their favorite social media app is or what websites they enjoy visiting

– Like any conversation be interesting and understand the platform you are using to speak with your customers. Don’t go be the insurance sales person a dinner party.

Your business doesn’t stand out in the market

Whether you’re a big fish in a small pond or a small fish in a big pond you are in there to survive and hopefully grow. Standing out among all the noise becomes harder and harder each year but if you stay true to your brand and its value it becomes easier to get your message across. Your customers have the internet. They have enough resources to find a good price on any product of service. What will keep them coming back to you? The experience and story you give to your customer is what will keep them coming back. What are you doing to go above and beyond the competition? What experiences can you create that allows your customer to engage with your brand in a new way?


– Don’t copy and paste the big players. Just because it worked for them doesn’t mean it will work for you.

– create a unique experience that only you can provide for your customers. Maybe it’s a special email newsletter with insider tips and deals or after hours’ sips and dip series where customers get to know you and the business better

– connect with local influencers in your area. Connect with people that are passionate about your product or service and see how you can work together to build both your brand and theirs.


Your marketing and advertising sucks

This is just the hard truth. You aren’t communicating effectively on traditional or digital media because you have become disconnected to what is current in the market. As a business owner you have a lot on your plate so it’s hard to know the ins and outs of Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and how they can help your business sales. You should be open to new ideas and implementing strategies that make you a little uncomfortable. Go out on a limb because that’s where the fruit is! You shouldn’t stay in the dark because you’re afraid to try something new. What you’re doing now isn’t working so it can’t hurt to try new ways to marketing your product or service.


– People want to be advertised to but they don’t want to know that they are being advertised to

– Don’t market and advertise to yourself. You may only be a small percentage of your target.

– Ask a professional to give you the truth about your brand and what you need to do to get better

– Be open to change


5 Tips to Make Social Media SOCIAL

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You hear someone sharing a story they saw or read on it every day! Whether it’s the latest meme or viral video, someone is talking about social media. It’s become a basic part of our daily activities. You know people us it and you probably spend more time than you’d like to admit on Facebook. With all this activity on social media you’re probably thinking there must be a way to make this work for business, right?

Exactly! As a business owner, you already have enough on your plate so adding one more thing like social media can seem overwhelming. Well if we take a step back and look at social media as an extension of what we already do every day running a business and interacting with people then we can see how simple it can be to add social media to your everyday activities! Let’s look at 5 helpful tips to make social media more social!


  1. Make sure you’re on the platforms that your customers are using. Create an account on each platform with the same user name. So, if you’re @BigWheels on Instagram use that handle across the board. It’s also smart to create account on emerging platforms like snapchat even if you don’t know how it can help you right now it become easier to use later or your customers might all move to that platform and you want them to be able to easily find you once you have created an account.
  2. Don’t over think the process. Your main goal is to tell the story of your business. Think of your business as a human, what do you like to do, who do you hang out with, what are some cool talents that you have. These are things consumers want to know about your business. How do you start your morning? What are some interesting or funny things happening in the office today? Who stopped by your business that you really enjoy seeing? These are all things you should be sharing on your social media accounts.
  3. Practice using each platform. You won’t get better at being social by not making any effort. Whether you’re doing this by yourself or with a team, it’s important to have a base understanding of how each tool works. There is a reason why videos perform well on Facebook, vibrant pictures perform well on Instagram and gifs perform well on Twitter. Think of this as communicating properly on each platform. It’s also important to understand the peak times that your audience is on each platform. A quick Google search or Pinterest search will give you the answers on best practices for posting content and you can use scheduling tools so you’re not up all night trying to post to social media. Know your customer and see what your customer responds to.
  4. This is very important. Engagement is all about a balance of sharing and listening. People want to be informed about what you’re doing and you want to listen to what others are doing and respond. Engagement comes when you listen to your audience and share information that they find important. It could be quotes, tips, pictures or videos. It all depends on what your audience likes. Test some things out, see what your audience responds to the most and work at making what you provide better for yourself and your audience. This is your story so people want to see your growth.
  5. Repeat what works. It will take some time, work and effort but, you will eventually figure out what works for you and your audience. There are millions of social media gurus out there so everything doesn’t apply to you. It’s all about telling your story in the best way you can.


The key is to test, test, test and see what works. Tell your story the best way you know how and build relationships like you do in your everyday life and what the magic happen!




We’re Back!


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